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Eco-Friendly Upgrades Worth the Money

5 sustainable upgrades to grow your equity.

Living a lifestyle that’s environmentally responsible and sustainable has become a worthwhile goal of homeowners of all ages and in all walks of life. If you’re looking into a cash-out refinance in order to upgrade and improve your home’s carbon footprint, here are 5 big ways to think green and continue growing that equity.

Don’t Touch That Dial!

Keeping the home cool in summer and warm in winter is critical for keeping those utility bills down and generally adding comfort to the living space. Using proper and plentiful insulation throughout the house is a simple step to take. Be sure to include exterior walls and foundation, as well as the attic.

Don’t touch that dial! Insulation, roofing and windows will keep it cool.

If a new roof is in order, then make it a long-sighted investment by considering a metal option that reflects heat and lasts for decades. They can even be designed to mimic wood or tile. The benefits of solar panels – especially in the southwest – may not be appreciated in the initial and substantial expense but the long-term savings and tax breaks are plusses for homeowners and the planet.

Window manufacturers offer numerous energy efficient options that will keep those bills down. Choose from different materials, colors and designs as well as double or triple-pane windows, or even gas-filled panes for ultimate heat retention.

Go With the Flow

No matter where you live, H20 is a precious natural resource that must be preserved. Water-wise upgrades to your home can help. Improvements such as low-flow faucets and fixtures, plus dual-flush toilets are vital to the sustainable home. Tankless water heaters are also garnering attention by only heating water on demand, thus saving energy and resources.

We’re Cookin’ Now

The outdated kitchen is always a worthwhile upgrade when refinancing for improvements. Energy Star-rated appliances will look good and save money. Granite countertops may be losing their shine in the interior world but there are now a multitude of sustainable materials to consider, including concrete, hemp or recycled glass, just to name a few.

Take It Outside

If your curb appeal needs, well, more appeal, there are green choices that don’t actually include the lawn. By using indigenous plants and thoughtful xeriscaping, you’ll conserve water while maintaining creative and attractive landscaping. Adding a deck can add value, but make it sustainable with composites that use wood products and recycled plastic for extra longevity.

Smart Home, Smart Investment

Truly bring your house into the 21st century with technology that protects your investment in more ways than one. Programmable thermostats and remote controls allow you to maintain temperatures and even lighting and electronics when you’re not at home. They also include security features that provide peace of mind.

Pursuing a cash-out refinance on your mortgage can be an eco-friendly way for your house to earn more equity in the long run, and to further increase the value when it comes time to sell. EnTrust Funding (ETF) can help you look at your current needs as well as those future considerations. We know your home is more than an asset, it’s your American dream.

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